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Judge Gunn aims at schools



KFSM reports on the TV career of Mary Ann Gunn, the former circuit judge who now stars in "Last Shot with Judge Gunn," a "reality" TV show in which she plays the role of a judge and people in drug rehab play the roles of people arrested for drug crimes.

Interesting points:

* She admits merit on "both sides" in the Judicial Discipline Commission case she settled by agreeing never to be a judge in Arkansas again. The details have not been revealed, but evidence indicates the case included use of her publicly financed office — including staff and equipment — to prepare for her entry into commercial television. Questions have also been raised about her handling of public documents, some of them supposed to be kept confidential because they pertained to medical records of people in court.

* INSERT DRUDGE-STYLE POLICE FLASHER: Article says she is "working on" involvement of local schools in the program. School children do NOT need to be enlisted as auxiliary cast in a cheesy syndicated TV show, nor do public resources need to be devoted to accommodating a TV production company You'd hope local school officials would have better sense. You'd hope.

A lawsuit by former drug court participants pends seeking to seal filming of past drug courts and other protection of private records.

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