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Protest develops on Burns Park goose hunt UPDATE



  • BURNS PARK NUISANCE: Canada geese.
Social media and e-mails are buzzing with an effort to build a protest of a North Little City Council ordinance to be considered tonight that would allow shooting Canada geese in Burns Park, where their excrement has become a nuisance on the golf course and soccer fields.

Emails note that there are other management techniques besides occasional mass slaughter, which, alone, probably won't fix the problem permanently. (Didn't Little Rock parks people put a dog to work at the Rebsamen Park golf course on this task?)

Help me hunters. What kind of sport will be involved in this "hunt," which would be Dec. 20-22? TV footage seems to indicate these geese aren't too hard to sneak up on.

PS — Levy correspondent suggests the commodore float the sub upstream a bit and try torpedoes.

UPDATE: Assistant Little Rock City Manager Bryan Day confirms my memory that a Border collie was used to end a goose problem at Rebsamen. His report — circulate to NLR aldermen:

Her name is Fern and although she is an old dog now, she still remains at the course. It took a while, but she eventually scared all the geese away and they no longer land on the golf course.

Update II: Get your earplugs. The Council approved the kill Monday night.

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