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Brownback student critic heading to Arkansas



EMMA SULLIVAN: Kansas critic of governor in Arkansas sweatshirt on recent TV interview.
  • EMMA SULLIVAN: Critic of Kansas governor wears Arkansas sweatshirt on recent TV interview.

Emma Sullivan, the Kansas high school student who made a disparaging remark about Gov. Sam Brownback, is not backing down.

She's not sorry she Tweeted that the governor "sucks" and she's rejected her high school principal's demand that she write the governor an apology. You may recall that after she Twittered about him, a governor's office monitor saw it and lowered the boom on her high school. Brownback's enforcer is a former A&W carhop who doesn't spell so hot, by the way.

Sullivan's school district has now said she won't be punished — apparently having learned belatedly of the First Amendment — and Brownback's office has also said it overreacted, though it sniffs about the need for more civility in public discourse. Tell that to Rush Limbaugh. Needless to say — #sambrownbacksucks is still operative.

Finally this: An Arkansas connection. Note the apparent Arkansas sweatshirt being worn by Sullivan in a recent TV interview. I've sent her messages seeking background, but no reply from her so far except automated ones. She's apparently become a popular figure on the web.

UPDATE: However, in this newspaper account, Sullivan describes herself and friends as liberals and says she hopes to attend the University of Arkansas next year and study psychology. Welcome to Northwest Arkansas. You might give some thought on the wisdom of letting the sun set on you in Benton County, however.

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