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Will the DOG bark at Mitt Romney?



MITT ROMNEY: Will he get Dowd treatment from D-G editorial page?
  • MITT ROMNEY: Will he get Dowd treatment from D-G editorial page?
To date, the editorial page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has been pretty warm to Mitt Romney. For example, Sunday, in commenting on Newt Gingrich's surge, the editorial page concluded:

But like every other non-Romney who’s led the GOP field for a while, Newt Gingrich’s principal function in his party’s presidential race has been to make Mitt Romney look like not just the inevitable Republican choice for president but the soundest one the GOP could make.

You wonder what the editorialist will make of Romney's recent TV advertising attacking President Obama. It was distinguished by the kind of dishonest omission that once prompted the newspaper to drop Maureen Dowd and to chastise George Will.

Here's the report on the Romney ad. It clipped an Obama remark to these words, "If we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose." Obama was quoting a John McCain aide, as a full quotation would have made clear. But the full quotation wouldn't have fit an ad designed to deride Obama for words that didn't represent what he thought.

The way-back machine among our readership remembers when Dowd was dropped from the DOG. Editorial page editor Paul Greenberg wrote:

What Maureen Dowd did was unconscionable. She used a strategically placed ellipsis to make nonsense of something George W. Bush had said, and then criticized him for speaking nonsense. Neat. And sleazy.

Neat and sleazy. That pretty well nails the Romney ad. (Greenberg also blistered Dowd for a grudging no-apology response to being caught, much as Romney's camp has shown no apology for its dishonest quote of Obama.)

Will? Greenberg chided him for writing nicely about Conrad Black, a media tycoon. Will forgot to mention he was paid to sit on the board of directors of one of Black's holdings.

Strategic omissions. Shall we look for Romney's in a future DOG editorial?

ALSO: They might consider rapping Romney, too, for beating up Newt Gingrich for advocating a humane immigration policy. When you look colder than a man who favors repeal of child labor laws, as Gingrich does, you are a cold man indeed.

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