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The line is open. You're on. Before I leave:

* TAILGATE TOPICS: Why hasn't someone in Arkansas thought of this? Or maybe they have. I noticed on an LSU blog advertising for a company that does turnkey tailgate setups in Baton Rouge, Oxford and Starkville. Generator, big TV, Klipsch iPod docks, tables, chairs, tents, rugs. $2,800 for a season's worth, not counting several extras (humongo TVs, for example) and not counting food or beverages.

* REPUBLICANS: BOTH SIDES NOW: Super committee budget talks having failed because of a Republic refusal to increase taxes on the rich, they have now set about having it both ways. They are now saying, contrary to evidence, that they indeed proposed to raise taxes on the rich.

* MAN TO MAN: Rep. Justin Harris, whose family profits from taxpayer-subsidized Bible classes and other religious activity at a church preschool in West Fork, is now sharing a little family counseling advice on his Twitter account. From @harrisforstaterep today:

Most marriage problems are usually the result of a wife's wounded reaction to poor leadership and the lack of her husband.

But above all, gals, don't forget who's leading. This is apparently from "The Resolution for Men," a book tied into the movie "Courageous," a religious manly man vehicle. There is also "The Resolution for Women."

* ICYMI: Rock Candy today revealed the Arkie teen — Jacob Lofland of Yell County — who plays the character Neckbone in "Mud," the Jeff Nichols movie that's been shot in Arkansas the last two months.

* OCCUPY WALL STREET MATTERS: If it did not matter, how come lobbyists with ties to Boner Boehner are trying to get a bankers campaign against OWS going?

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