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Another week begins



And here's another Monday night open line. Final notes:

* FOX: WORSE THAN NO NEWS AT ALL: Another poll suggests watching Fox is bad for your brain.

* DIGITAL NEWS NEWS: The City Wire, already an important source of business and political news in Fort Smith, is expanding thanks to an investment from some local businessmen, Chester Koprovic and Bennie Westphal, and expanding its staff, editor Michael Tilley says in a news release. Clip and save this Koprovic quote:

“Newspapers in the future will be a thing of the past. People, especially the younger generations, are going to the Internet for their news. I may be an old fogey, but I still like to keep up with the new technologies,” Koprovic said. “I’m investing in The City Wire because I’m a businessman and I think it’s the right investment for the future.”

* IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: I heard late in the day from Mayor Mark Stodola. It was his understanding that Army would go door-to-door with fliers on the Friday night helicopter training mission. the police have told me they thought it was the Army's responsibility. The Army told me they thought all had agreed not to give advance notice. Can we agree, re public notice, FUBAR? The mayor said:

Public notice and fliers were supposed to be distributed door to door. I was assured that this would happen when I was briefed about this exercise on September 7th as I expressed the same concern that you and others have expressed. I had no further contact with the military as they were to work with our LRPD. Apparently someone dropped the ball.

Thus, he agrees that the operation was likely to stir public reaction and he said he'd have wanted similar notice in any part of the city targeted for such an operation.

* SUPER COMMITTEE FAILURE: Let's say it one more time, here quoting Talking Points Memo:

But the actual root of the failure lies in the GOP’s strict unwillingness to increase taxes on wealthier Americans. Over the course of the negotiations, Democrats have put forward multiple proposals that include fairly significant cuts to programs like Medicare — but conditioned on the idea that the GOP would agree to similar dollar figures in new tax revenue from top earners. One GOP counter proposal reportedly did include modest new tax revenues — about $250 billion over 10 years — but those would have been taken largely from middle income Americans, while providing tax cuts to the rich.

Get it? Screw poor people and middle class to preserve tax cuts for the rich. Remember Republican Party orthodoxy when you vote. Oh, and, naturally, U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin lied about what happened. He at least admitted the Republican refusal to raise taxes on the rich. But he lied about an unwillingness to address "entitlements" — Republicanese for Social Security and Medicare, both of which they'd prefer to end entirely.

The insistence that tax increases be included in any deal, while at the same time refusing to address the major driver of our debt — entitlement spending — doomed any chance the Supercommittee had of seriously dealing with this crisis and demonstrates that some in Washington still don’t get it.

* DROP DEM FROM 1ST DISTRICT RACE: Steve Rockwell won't. And I guess he won't have to answer why he voted in Republican presidential primary in 2008.

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