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Supreme Court members feted by key lawyer



They don't call the U.S. Supreme Court supreme for nothing. Ethical rules don't apply to them. Clarence Thomas' household can be enriched by payments from people with many direct interests in cases before the court, for example

Then there was this in the LA Times this week:

The day the Supreme Court gathered behind closed doors to consider the politically divisive question of whether it would hear a challenge to President Obama’s healthcare law, two of its justices, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, were feted at a dinner sponsored by the law firm that will argue the case before the high court.

The Bancroft law firm was one of the sponsors of the Federalist Society dinner honoring Scalia and Thomas. Paul Clement of that law firm likely will argue the case to strike down the health care reform law. Clement is also a leader in legal efforts to bar marriage for gay people and to enforce Arizona's punitive anti-immigration law. He can get a big howdy from his pals should he argue those cases, too.

In a sense, it doesn't matter. The Scalia-Thomas votes could have been mailed in.

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