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I-430/630 interchange progress report



MORE SPAGHETTI COMING: The I-430/630 interchange at left.
  • MORE SPAGHETTI COMING: The I-430/630 interchange at left.

The Highway and Transportation Department had a news conference today to update progress on the $125 million work on the Interstates 430/630 interchange.

Interesting video can be found on this page of how the completed interchange will eventually work, with new flyovers that should help switching from one interstate to the other.

Fact sheet on the project here.

There are not immediate plans for changes in traffic patterns in the interchange, by the way. Project completion is still scheduled for 2014.

And just for Durango and NVR, who expressed concerns last night about the height of a beam over the left lane of northbound I-430. From Glenn Bolick at AHTD:

I believe the beams they are referring to are the steel beams hanging in between the NB and SB lanes of I-430 just north of I-630. The beams are not permanent. They are part of the work for the cap for the flyover from I-430 south to I-630 east. There are currently object marker signs attached to the beams on the NB side to help delineate the edge of the beams BUT they have been verified to be behind the concrete barrier wall. Although they appear very close to the traffic, unless a vehicle somehow overhangs the barrier wall they cannot hit the beams. The concrete for that cap has been placed, and the beams are expected to be removed early next week, but you might see something similar again.

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