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Tuesday night line



The line is open. Final words:

* MORE CHARTER SCHOOLS: The state Board of Education today continued review of charter school applications and found little to approve. It split 4-3 in rejecting a Texas charter school management organization's propsal to open a high school for dropouts and others in downtown Texarkana. The proposal was opposed by the local school district and elected officials. It rejected 6-0 a proposal from an Osceola charter school operator to open a school for dropouts in grades 11-12 in Jonesboro. The board believed Jonesboro was making an adequate effort on alternative schooling. The Board also similarly rejected a proposal from the Osceola organization to start a high school for dropouts in West Memphis, where local officials again objected because of their own efforts to reach dropout students and those in need of extra help. Details at Ed. Dept.'s blog. Why two days worth of charter school applications, several of them clearly in need of more thought? The state got an $18 million federal charter school planning grant. Free money.

* A POX ON THE FIRST AMENDMENT: In addition to arresting Occupy Wall Street participants in New York today, cops also arrested journalists covering the scene. The protesters have lost a court battle to hang onto their park platform around the clock.

* THE PARTY OF THE RICH. Read this article. It explains the Republican Party's emergence as champion of the rich, with millions of lower-earning enablers. If nothing else, note the chart that shows how the income of the super rich has exploded while their tax burden has been flat.

* GROUNDHOG DAY: I really would like to know how many trucks have gotten stuck under this bridge in North Little Rock over the years. Fox 16's photo today:


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