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Allen Meadors just thought he had troubles at UCA



ALLEN MEADORS: Once considered hiring Jerry Sandusky in Pa.
  • ALLEN MEADORS: Once considered hiring Jerry Sandusky in Pa.
Here's another Arkansas angle in the evolving story about Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach charged with sexually abusing children.

Growing questions are being asked about the reasons he wasn't charged with a 1998 molestation in which police reportedly heard Sandusky tell a mother he'd done something wrong with her child. He retired shortly after as a Penn State coach at the young age of 55 and never coached for pay again, though he'd once been considered a potential heir to Joe Paterno as a head coach. Was a deal struck?

Well, it turns out he briefly had another plan for staying in football, worked on with Paterno's assistance shortly before he "retired." It would have been as head of what would have been a new football program at Penn State Altoona. The head of that campus then was — here comes the Arkie —Allen Meadors, who later went on to glory at the University of Central Arkansas. An article written last April in a Pennsylvania paper tells the story:

Meadors, reached this past week, recalls meeting with Sandusky, Paterno and PSU president Graham Spanier about the possibility.

"Jerry called me and asked if I would be interested in having a football team at Penn State-Altoona," Meadors wrote in an e-mail. "I said 'Sure, if we had a way to pay for it.' He mentioned that he knew a gentleman who might be willing to provide the necessary funds. We visited with the gentleman, but he never committed the money, and a football-team project never got off the ground."

Meadors could not recall the name of the businessman.

Meadors read last week's story about the allegations and was surprised by it.

In looking back, he said there was no indication Sandusky was being pushed off the main campus.

"Absolutely none," Meadors, now the president of Central Arkansas University, said. "It was a very positive meeting so if something was going on, everyone kept very professional."

Knowing what we know now, the effort by Paterno and Spannier to provide a new home for Sandusky looks interesting, don't you think?

PS — Norma is right. This slamdown of arrogant jerk students at Penn State who put football above raped children by rioting the other night is a must read.

PPS — The accumulating facts are getting uglier and uglier. Pennsylvania paper is going to town on it.

PPPS — Debate grows on whether Penn State should cancel remainder of football season. That question is complicated by the hardship on the other side. I don't think there's any question they should not participate in a bowl game. And they might consider directing income from the remaining games to child protective services.

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