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Web commenting glitch corrected



Thanks always for those who send a quick word about website glitches so I can get with our technical people to try to correct them.

The commenting function should be working again. Let me know if that's not so.

You might be interested to know that the glitch occurred as work continues on some coming new features related to comments:

* Ability for readers to like and dislike comments
* Ability to sort by most liked comments/
* Inline sorting of comments (without page refresh).
* Inline loading of additional comments.
* An expanding text box that grows in height as the user types.
* A better "report comment" option, an addition to type in a message when reporting a comment.
* Improvements to user reviews and sorting by reviews.
* The ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to comment threads.

New features will begin going on-line next week, we hope, though not all at once.

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