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Thursday night line



You're on. Final notes:

* NORTH LITTLE ROCK LAWSUIT: City Attorney Jason Carter says he'll present a lawsuit settlement proposal to the City Council Monday night. It's from the North Little Rock School District to settle its suit against the city over the tax increment finance district created in a portion of downtown on Dec. 31, 2008. The settlement would leave the district intact (it had been challenged on both procedural grounds and use of city streets to connect otherwise non-contiguous land), but preserve increased tax assessments on property in the TIF district for the School District. The suit is scheduled to go to trial Wednesday, but there has been some indication the city might be willing to take the school district's proposal. Carter said he would not make a recommendation on the settlement proposal. "The terms don't offer much financial incentive to settle, but parties sometimes settle a case for reasons that have nothing to do with money," he added. The decision will be up to the mayor and council.

* IN FROM THE COLD: The Clinton School will have a panel discussion at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16, featuring several people from the Occupy Little Rock group that has been camping just a few blocks away. They include a grandfather helping with donations; a Hendrix grad and mother of two; a social studies teacher; a Navy veteran, and a UALR student.

* YOUTHFUL BOOZERS IN CONWAY: Conway cops have been sending underage people into alcohol-serving places in Conway. Results: 10 of 21 "private clubs" served alcohol to underage people.

* JERRY SANDUSKY'S ARKANSAS CONNECTION: Here's that news release about the Frank Broyles Lifetime Achievement Award given to accused Penn State child molester Jerry Sandusky in 2000, the year after his "retirement" from coaching at the young age of 55. He was to receive the award at a Little Rock dinner in January 2001, but David Bazzel, who oversees the awards, said he didn't make the dinner, which was postponed from December by bad weather. Bazzel said Sandusky's name had been stripped from the Broyles Award website. Not someone the award wants to be associated with, he said.

* MIKE TYSON DOES HERMAN CAIN: Run, Herman, run. Then we'll be sure to get more Funny or Die videos featuring Mike Tyson as Herman Cain, such as this one, where he sings "Imagine There's No Pizza." And, below, delivers campaign promises.

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