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North Little Rock tax vote reflected city wide



You can peruse precinct results on special election issues in Pulaski County here.

Road bonds enjoyed support everywhere, of course.

In North Little Rock, though votes on the two half-cent tax measures were relatively close — 52-48 on the permanent half-cent and 53-47 on the temporary half-cent — the voting wasn't nearly so polarized as the Little Rock sales tax election, where most neighborhoods opposed the tax but heavy approval in a handful of upper-income neighborhoods (Heights and Hillcrest) carried the election.

Looking just at the permanent half-cent, it enjoyed favor in only 8 of 25 voting precincts:

* 60-54 in Precinct 52, the Sherman Park Community Center.

* 126-93 in Precinct 51, which votes at the North Little Rock High-East campus near McCain Mall.

* 104-97 in Precinct 25, which votes at a church at 6801 JFK in Indian Hills.

* 257-248 in Precinct 20 at Lakewood United Methodist Church.

* 101-78 in Precinct 17, which votes at the Willow House.

* 87-64 in Precinct 16, the Argenta neighborhood that votes at City Hall.

* 55-33 in the combined Precincts 13E and W, which vote at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Marche.

* 3-0 in Precinct 8, which votes in Maumelle.

Generally speaking, then, most support — but it wasn't overwhelming — came in higher income white neighborhoods, except Sherman Park. It is a black neighborhood and, though it supported the permanent tax, it barely voted against the temporary tax (55-57), which happens to reflect what state Rep. Tracy Steele, a future mayoral candidate, said was his position on the two taxes.

If you're counting, those limousine pro-tax liberals in Precinct 107, which votes at the Heights Fire Station, appear to have given the road bonds its biggest percentage vote in the county — 168 to 6, or 96.6 percent of vote to 3.4 percent.

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