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Tim Griffin's poll gives him better numbers UPDATE



Talk Business shares results from U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin's own polls that show him with better favorable opinion among voters than an independent and a Democratic-commissioned poll showed (53 percent) and showed him with a wide lead in a potential matchup with either former Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (50-29) or Democratic Party chair and former legislator Will Bond (49-29). Both have been mentioned as potential candidates, but neither has given a public indication of interest in the race as yet.

UPDATE: Though Griffin released a putative copy of his poll, we have a reader who expresses skepticism:

I was one of those polled on similar questions. Obvious immediately it was for Republicans or Griffin. It matched him up with Broadway, Halter and Bond. But first, in the case of Broadway and Halter, they did a little pushing. If you knew that Bond voted...... would you be more or less likely to vote for him. Mostly tax votes, voting to raise their own salaries, etc. Then it asked you who you would vote for. So the poll results are a little disingenous.

If this was a separate poll, perhaps Griffin or the RCCC would release these results, too.

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