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Gay soldiers still face discrimination



Gay people may now serve openly in the military, but the Defense of Marriage Act, among others, still denies them and their families equal treatment under the law. Some in Congress see the wrong and are trying to right it. Others — particularly those who love to wear the "family values" label — prefer continued discrimination.

Could we get veterans Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Rick Crawford to declare support for equality for military families (and all other families)? Dr. No Boozman? Do our congressmen endorse or disavow the following soldier's predicament?:

Joshua Snyder is married to army reservist, Capt. Steven Hill — who gained notoriety in September when he submitted a YouTube video questioning GOP presidential primary candidates about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Snyder recalls listening while mortars landed within feet of Hill, who is currently deployed, while the two were speaking on Skype.

Hill was unscathed, but if he’d been injured or killed, Snyder wouldn’t find out through normal channels.

“There’s a lot more hoops to jump through…to make sure I’m the first contact,” he said. “There’s nothing automatic to make sure I’d be notified.”

SPEAKING OF STEVE WOMACK: I wish this Northwest Arkansas D-G story about the race between Womack and Democrat Ken Aden wasn't behind a paywall. You'll never find a better example of a pompous, condescending colonel (Womack). He demeans one of his former troops (Aden), who went on to be a Green Beret and serve in Special Forces. Perhaps Aden will post it on his Facebook page.

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