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It's Tuesday night and you're on. Close-outs

* REPUBLICAN DOG WHISTLE: Republican politicking has been reduced to something even less than catch phrases. It's become a Mallard Fillmore cartoon. All U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin needs to whistle his hounds home is distribute a news release today quoting President Obama praising Nancy Pelosi and predicting she might be House speaker again. No other comment from Grffin is necessary or given. The implicit sneer is there for all the bully white boys that love Rove's henchman to see. "That castrating bitch Pelosi in power again? Over my dead body!" Most of them can't tell you anything that's wrong about this remarkably accomplished woman except that she comes from San Francisco. Insert another sneer and queer joke here.

* HAD TO HAPPEN: Woman who made harassment allegation against Herman Cain wants him to release her from non-disclosure agreement so she can tell HER side.

* EDUCATION REFORM MEANS LOWER TEACHER PAY: Believe it. The conservative "think tanks" are showing their hands. That's always been the merit pay intention — lower overall pay for teachers and an end to annual pay increases.

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