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The week ends



The line is open. Final words:

* FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS: Monticello Live has an account of a huge brawl at the Monticello-Hamburg junior high football game. It broke out during the post-game handshake and before it was over coaches and parents were in the melee. Comment thread is lively. For example, after dueling remarks about which team was more to blame (Hamburg gets more blame from commenters):

Oh, grow a pair. In my day, the game wasn’t over until a good student/parent/coach fight had broken out. Think of this as just making up for all the years past when the appropriate behavior (i.e., throwing things and losing tempers) has been squelched by weak-stomached, overly PC helicopter parents. God knows this sport was a lot more interesting when a mother was allowed to choke slam a coach instead of just running up and down the sidelines, screaming and kicking the fence as we’re relegated to do now. I, for one, will actually start paying to see MJHS football (instead of sneaking through the back side of the field) if we can be assured of more of this kind of entertainment in the future.

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