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Get set and go to the open line. Final words:

* GRIFFEN OBJECTS TO U.S. KILLING: Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen takes editorial pen in hand again. Here he writes on Ethics Daily about the CIA's use of a missile to kill U.S. citizens believed to be terrorists in an attack on the Arabian peninsula. He questions the legal and moral authority for the killings and criticizes religious leaders for their silence.

I've read no comments by political and religious leaders that questioned the drone attack that killed Awlaki and Khan. Why would religious leaders, of all people, be silent about the idea that civilians can be murdered abroad by their own government?

Could it be that we don't care about murder? Or is that we don't care about what happens to people associated with al-Qaida, including U.S. citizens?

* HOUSE SPOKESMAN DEPARTS: Amanda Manatt Story will be leaving the Arkansas House as its communications officer next month to take a job with the Markham Group, a political consulting firm. No word yet on a successor in the House.

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