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Fair Park residents confront City Hall



Joe Busby, who labors hard and effectively for the Fair Park Neighborhood Association, shares his note to members about a meeting at City Hall today with City Manager Bruce Moore and others about the latest ward reapportionment, which splits the neighborhood between two wards. Why does Fair Park get the shaft? He says he got no answers.

Easy answers. City Hall is caving to pressure by Ward 1 Director Erma Hendrix and the Capitol View neighborhood, which didn't want to see Ward 1 expand into their neighborhood, currently in Ward 3, as the first reapportionment map proposed. Some lines have also been drawn to accommodate Ward 2 Director Ken Richardson.

Busby's note to residents:


I was asked by FPRA President Brian Kennerly to attend a meeting this morning with Director Richardson, City Manager Moore, Planning & Development Director Tony Bozynski and Planning Manager Walter Malone this concerning the Oct. 12 Map of Ward Boundaries that cuts up our area.

I posed a simple question:

"Why is Ward 2 and specifically the Fair Park Neighborhood Association solely absorbing the expansion of Ward 1?"

I am sorry to say that the city could not give an answer to my question beyond:

"We wanted to follow clear defined lines to draw the Wards by."

When you look at the proposed map of Oct. 12, there are not clear defined lines in how area was taken from Ward 2 and given to Ward 1.

Why are city officials not answering the question? What do they want us to think, given that they won't answer the question? Is there something not being said and why?

If the city's only obligation in the reapportionment of its Wards is to fulfill the requirement of reaching the target population number +/- 5%, why does only Ward 2 and the Fair Park area have to sustain such large changes and Ward 3 go untouched concerning Ward 1 expansion.

I ask that every member who reads this to take action and ask the city the same question.

I made a simple request of the city officials at the meeting::

"Please make the expansion of Ward 1 fair and equitable, by sharing the changes with Wards 2 and 3 and not place the whole burden on Ward 2 and the Fair Park neighborhood."

I invite you to speak out about this issue, call the City Manager's office at 371-4510 or email to bmoore@littlerock.org . Call the City Directors at 371-4510 or email to Board@littlerock.org. Call the Mayor at 371-4510 or email mayor@littlerock.org.

Make plans to be at Tuesday's Board Meeting and show your discontent to the Proposed Ward map and support for your neighborhood!

Working for a better neighborhood,

Joe Busby

Special Projects Coordinator

Fair Park Residents Association

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