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We're over the hump



And the Wednesday line is open. Final words:

* WILD ANIMAL ESCAPE: Bizarre story of the day. Exotic animals released from preserve in Ohio (where owner found dead) and officers are shooting them by the dozens, including tigers.

* EASTER SEALS: Here's an excellent recap from Hillcrest Residents Association President Glenn Borkowski of last night's meeting of the Board of the Arkansas Schools for the Blind and Deaf and the discussion of businessman John Chandler to take over the Easter Seals lease of nine school-controlled acres at the end of Lee Avenue and buy the former Easter Seals building for offices.

* PROSPERITY NOW: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin held his job-creators-only-invited conference. Surprise! End regulation and prosperity would roll down on us like a mighty stream. Environmentalists, labor leaders and regulators were specifically excluded, Griffin said, because they don't create jobs. Neither do the zillionaires piling up dividends at a low tax rate, the last 10 years have proved. My favorite anti-regulation complaint was from a restaurant owner bitching about all the paperwork she has to do on unemployment claims. Yes! End unemployment compensation. That's the ticket to a better America.

* BLITHERING HYPOCRITICAL DICK WATCH: Jon Stewart finds them, as usual.

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