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Rep. Ed Garner: Baking the books



BAKERYS MAN: Mamas Manna produces manna for Ed Garner.
  • BAKERY'S MAN: Mama's Manna produces manna for Ed Garner.
Republican Rep. Ed Garner of Maumelle is a big-business conservative. Fiscal accountability and all that.

The tall-talking Garner has a way of stepping on his own feet, though. He also has a record of failing to pay his state taxes.

He also does some interesting bookkeeping, a tipster notes. Like: He charges his campaign finance holdover account $600 a month rent for space in his Mama's Manna bakery. Interesting, because he's term-limited so his campaign for representative is over. Interesting, because campaign money isn't supposed to find its way to personal uses. Interesting, because, if you want to argue that Garner is offsetting legislative expenses with carryover campaign money as he arguably could do, well there's this: Garner also uses his Mama's Manna bakery as the invoicing agent for the $2,350 he charges state taxpayers every month for "legislative services for state Rep. Ed Garner."

Garner is a Tea Party favorite. Which should tell you something about both. Who could object to giving Ed Garner almost $36,000 a year in tax and contributor's money for a little space in a bakery?

I've asked him to justify this expenditure. Haven't heard back.

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