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Koch heads routed in Jonesboro



I highly recommend this YouTube video posted by the Arkansas branch of the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity, a Tea Party cheering squad aimed at lowering corporate taxes and regulation.

AFP gathered a small crowd in Jonesboro for its "Cut Spending Now Tour", including a polite, but forthright young man the video describes as a member of Occupy Jonesboro. You'll see that the AFP also describes him as "belligerent" and says he tried to start a "ruckus." I think the video speaks for itself to the contrary. He asks questions — persistently but not belligerently— about who is corrupting the politicians. The AFP has little with which to respond, save the all-purpose "George Soros" utterance. Outnumbered, Occupy Jonesboro was not outgunned by AFP leader Teresa Oelke (the Northwest Arkansas plutocrat whose family construction company profits from the Obama stimulus money she criticizes.)

In the world of the Koch heads, their angry old white men can shout down members of Congress and anyone else with whom they disagree. But somebody with piercing, politely put questions is a belligerent troublemaker.

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