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Thursday thoughts? Here's the place. Closing words:

* MARK PRYOR'S JOB PLAN: The state's senior senator will be in Little Rock Friday for an 11 a.m. event at the Acxiom building to announce a six-point jobs plan. His statement:

Arkansas is well-positioned to lead our nation’s transformation, which is why my 6-point jobs plan builds on our state’s strengths to move our nation forward. It sets the table for job creation by preventing undue regulation, empowering job creators and supporting the American ingenuity that leads to new products and new industries. It brings our infrastructure up to speed so farmers, manufacturers and businesses can transport goods faster, cheaper and farther in today’s globally competitive marketplace. And my plan further solidifies America’s long-term prosperity by ensuring students and workers are prepared to lead the jobs of the future.

* IT'S BUSH'S FAULT: Poll says a majority (and this is GOP-leaning Rasmussen) still blame Bush recession for current economy, not Obama. There may be hope for the American voter after all.

* LR BOOK SESSION ON TV: David Margolick's recent appearance at the Clinton School to talk about his book, "Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock," will be broadcast on C-SPAN2 this weekend — 1 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday.

* JOBS? REPUBS DON'T CARE ABOUT JOBS: Not when there's abortion to demagogue and women's rights to be curtailed.

* GOOD NEWS FOR HELENA: The state has scheduled an announcement Monday of an economic development for Helena-West Helena, which could use it. A friend in Helena says he believes it concerns a tenant for the former Cedar Chemical plant which went bankrupt in 2002 and left pollution problems. Companies have expressed interest in reopening the plant, but don't want to inherit the pollution liabilities. The new tenant apparently won't. Also coming is an announcement of arrival of a lender from Texas — ACCION Texas — that provides small financing for startups in poor areas. It's apparently going to put a loan officer in the city after an earlier announcement that it would be doing micro-lending in the Delta.

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