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Ark. Republican leaders back Romney



U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin has announced he will be Mitt Romney's campaign manager in Arkansas. Given that Griffin's patron is Warren Stephens, you can see the affinity for another financial multi-millionaire. Lt. Gov. Mark Darr also told the Political Animals Club today he'd be backing Romney.

Sanders? David Sanders? You still haven't responded to my poll of the Arkansas 20 legislators who declared for Rick Perry. At last count, 4 of the 20 had said they were still on board. Perry has a pot of money still and, they claim, is a fighter. But the party establishment seems to be playing the inevitability card.

PS: I probably should note that David Sanders has continued to extol Perry on his Twitter feed, he just is too skittish to talk to me.

Griffin news release:

Congressman Tim Griffin today announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney for President of the United States. Griffin will serve as the Arkansas Chairman of the Romney campaign and will serve on the campaign's National Advisory Council.

"I am proud to announce Congressman Griffin's support," said Mitt Romney. "Tim has been a leader in the fight to cut spending, reduce burdensome regulations, and create an environment for businesses to start hiring again. I look forward to working with him as I bring my pro-growth message to Arkansans and voters across the country."

Announcing his support, Congressman Griffin said, "President Obama's policies have been categorical failures for our country. Unemployment is over nine percent, our deficits are growing, and small businesses are being burdened with regulations. In order for our country and economy to get on the right track again, we need a leader who understands how the real economy works and has the vision to fundamentally change Washington. That leader is Mitt Romney. No other candidate in the field possesses his lifetime of success in both the private sector and as a governor. Whether it was turning around failing companies or improving the business climate in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has proven that he is ready to be President on day one."

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