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Ark. GOP calls Boozman-backed measure 'insulting gimmick'



FIRE, READY, AIM: GOP flak Vasilos mocked measure GOP Sen. Boozman sponsored
  • FIRE, READY, AIM: GOP flak Vasilos mocked measure that GOP Sen. Boozman sponsored
This is funny. But it's also symptomatic of how blindly and bloodily binary political warfare has become. If a Democrat proposes something, a Republican must declare it not only bad, but shockingly, laughably bad. Careful consideration? Who needs it?

Case in point:

The Republican Party of Arkansas put out this twitter comment yesterday:

@argop: Senator Mark Pryor's Jobs Day: An insulting gimmick.

It linked to a full-dress press release from Republican Party Communications Director Katherine Vasilos attacking U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor for introducing a resolution for a National Jobs Day Nov. 1 that called for businesses to hire at least one unemployed person that day.

“Senator Pryor’s ‘Jobs Day’ is an insulting gimmick to Arkansans dealing with the highest unemployment rate in nearly a generation,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Communications Director Katherine Vasilos. “Instead of proposing - or voting on - real solutions for private sector job growth, Sen. Pryor is offering nothing more than a distraction to Arkansans.

Speaking of insulting gimmickry and distractions: Would you care to guess an original co-sponsor of National Jobs Day?

You know it — the Republican junior senator from Arkansas, Sen. John "Dr. No" Boozman.

Where's your Twitter feed mocking Senator Boozman, Katy?

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