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Erin Brockovich: Eyes on the frackers



AT UCA: Erin Brockovich
The Log Cabin Democrat had full coverage of the appearance the newspaper sponsored at UCA last night of Erin Brockovich, the anti-pollution crusader made famous by her biopic.

The session got interesting during the Q&A.

“I get e-mails from people all over...that the process is depleting water supplies everywhere. I am very aware of the situation you have here and in Pennsylvania with hydro-fracking.”

In a question and answer session, an audience member holding a report said to contain statements that fracking fluid used in natural gas extraction would be fed into Cadron Creek asked Brockovich what a course of action might be.

Brockovich told the audience member that she has seen similar frustration expressed by groups “everywhere.”

Brockovich said that in instances where agencies “might not be doing anything,” her group is able to conduct independent tests that are then compared with those of a corporation.

“I don’t want to put down our agencies who are overburdened. We can come out and assist and get data...Hydro-fracking is a problem everywhere and we’re well aware of it. It will be a battle. This is the way that they want to get that gas. Without someone like you and communities stepping up saying that you are not going to let this happen any more...everything will fall through the cracks.”

A friend of mine attended. He said Brockovich displayed a map that showed where her firm is working on cancer queries, including Arkansas. "We are on it," she said. As she pointed to US map with all her fracking points of interest, she flashed a big smile and said, "I bet I see ya'll again."

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