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Surprise! Republicans oppose millionaire tax



It's hardly surprising that the Republicans are gearing up to fight President Obama's minimum tax on millionaires to the last millionaire. It's a little surprising that they think it's a winning national campaign strategy, particularly in the context of House Speaker John Boehner's vow to protect millionaires but cut Medicare benefits for financially strapped old folks.

If this be class warfare — and the Republicans have correctly gauged the national mood — you know who won.

Someday, maybe, more people will wake up to the fact that wars, budget deficits and the national interest aren't won, solved or served without sacrifice by ALL. And most particularly those best situated to contribute a little more.

Here's more on Obama tax plan.

UPDATE: Good line from Obama: "This is not warfare, it's math." Writes Josh Marshall:

I hope President Obama will keep hitting what I think was his strongest point in his Jobs Act speech. That is, either/or. We can have no new taxes ever for wealthy people or we can save Medicare. But not both. No new taxes for wealthy people or save Pell Grants. But not both. What you plug in these slots isn't really the point. The point is trade-offs. Nothing is in isolation. What are your priorities? Either/or.

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