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Lottery Commission today: Fireworks? UPDATE



The Arkansas Lottery Commission meets this morning amid continuing reports about dissatisfaction with leadership. Gerard Matthews will be at the scene.

UPDATE: So far (40 minutes in ), routine presentations and no sign of excitement.

UPDATE 9:24 AM: Commission has gone into executive session for a personnel evaluation. The likely personnel to be evaluated would be director Ernie Passailaigue.

UPDATE 9:44 AM: Rumors swirling (which, since Durango raises question, is unusual for meetings of this group — something is up.)

UPDATE 10:58 a.m., executive session continues. Gerard reports that Ernie P. is entertaining waiting reporters with card tricks. (CORRECTION: Ignore the card playing. I missed Gerard's warning that he was passing time with fake lotto posts. Ernie P. left the room when the commission went into executive session and did not return.)

UPDATE 10:59 a.m., back in public session.

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