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Houston Nutt: Double-secret probation?



THAT WAS THEN: 2009 was a better year for Nutt.
  • THAT WAS THEN: 2009 was a better year for Nutt.
Somehow, I don't think it's a good sign when Ole Miss Athletic Director Pete Boone schedules a news conference BEFORE football coach Houston Nutt's weekly press conference. Or that Boone has sent a letter to Ole Miss fans saying he's met already with Little Rock native son Nutt, which says:

The fullness of the Ole Miss football experience that you deserve and have generously invested in, has not lived up to expectations recently. Coach Nutt and I met today and discussed the current state of Ole Miss football. Both of us are extremely disappointed in our performance this year. We agreed that to be successful, this disappointment must be met head on with solutions for improvement. We discussed several areas that needed improvement and I support Coach Nutt in his effort to correct those areas.

As I have said, Saturday’s performance and our running two-season SEC record are unacceptable. Our commitment to compete at a championship level is as strong as ever and we will succeed! We need your continued support of the team as Saturday is another SEC weekend and we need you here!

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