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Live, it's Thursday night. Closing out:

* POSTAL CUTS: The Postal Service plan to cut spending includes consideration of the future of 250 processing center. Five in Arkansas — Little Rock, Fayetteville, Harrison, Jonesboro and Hot Springs — will be studied for consolidation or closure.

* WHAT ABOUT IF A WOMAN IS MARRIED TO A SANCTIMONIOUS, HYPOCRITICAL A**HOLE? The amazing Pat Robertson, who plays a man of God on TV, does it again. Says it's ok for a guy whose wife has Alzheimer's to divorce the old bat and take up with another woman. Alzheimer's is as good as dead, Bro. Pat says. You gotta read it to believe it.

* DEPUTY FIRED: The Pulaski sheriff's office has fired a deputy who was working in the section of the detention center from which two inmates escaped Sept. 2. They're back in custody. fired.pdf">The firing letter here.

* HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Court records show James Ray Palmer, killed in a courthouse shootout in Van Buren, had been the subject of a protective order in 1999 after his then-wife said he'd hit her, set a couch on fire and talked about buying weapons. Ten years later, he got a permit to carry a concealed weapon from the state of Arkansas. I wonder if it's possible to add a protective order search of domestic violence protective orders for weapon permit applicants' background check.

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