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Friday follies



The line is open. A fun day or what? Some final notes:

* LITTLE ROCK EMPLOYEES: Ok, one part of the legal confusion on releasing information about where Little Rock city employees live got clearer today. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said it was legal for the city to release a list of the names of employees who do not live in Little Rock. Earlier, he'd said (unbelievably) that it would be a privacy violation to list the cities in which they live. That still holds. But he has now, of course, said it is legal to identify the hometown of all those who live in Little Rock by implication. This, in the course of trying to clarify an earlier opinion.

* ALAS, CARIBOU BARBIE, WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Sarah Palin's political candle snuffed out by a mighty wind of Republican don't-let-the-doorknob-hit-you-in-the-butt-on-the-way-out sentiment.

* FOX NATION CONTINUES TO REEL. 15th arrest in the Murdoch empire scandal. And lots more unpleasantness for the Lord of Fox.

* PODCAST HIATUS: Sorry to the fan(s?) of the Arkansas Times Weekly Podcast. The late-breaking UCA developments and some family obligations are going to scratch the podcast this week. Next week we'll be back.

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