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Jason Baldwin's thank-you



The Facebook page of Jason Baldwin has a thank-you from the West Memphis Three defendant released last week.

Good morning, everybody! I want to say that this is the most joyous experience: learning to live, to love, and to soar higher than any past expectations. We live in a world where sometimes living is not about loving. However, all of you have shown me that the parts of the world you inhabit are about loving.

What happened to me happened without my consent. What all of you have done, you chose to do. You chose to step in and eliminate some of the darkness in this world. I find you all to be heroes, and I am glad to call you all my friends.

These new days have been a blur, full of hard-won and much-deserved fun, revelry and just getting to know one another and ourselves. I've probably said this countless times these past few days, but I've felt like a dandelion seed in the wind—pulled from one friend's arms to the next, to dance to the sweet tune of freedom. It's a beautiful sound.

Love and libre!
Jason Baldwin

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