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Get motivated! UPDATE




I was motivated to consider returning home when I hit the knot of traffic in downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock this morning thanks to the hordes heading toward Verizon Arena for the Get Motivated traveling medicine show.

A van of community college employees from out in the state unloaded in the parking garage as I did, seemingly excited to hear Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani, Lou Holtz, Laura Bush, Terry Bradshaw and Colin Powell.

Expect a spike in motivation, efficiency and productivity in Arkansas after today's show leaves its imprint on Arkansas. Right? I'm reminded of what Lou Holtz once infamously said of Fayetteville: This may not be the end of the world, but you can see it from here.

TERRY BRADSHAW: At todays program.
  • TERRY BRADSHAW: At today's program.

UPDATE: A reader reports:

LAURA BUSH: On the big screen.
  • LAURA BUSH: On the big screen.
I'm at today's Get Motivated talk. Kind of like a Republican church svc w/ a WWF / As Seen on TV vibe. Not one seat is empty. A financial person just spoke about how impt it is to get involved in the stock mkt (not sit back w/ mutual funds)....ended by selling the masses a 2-day $ seminar w/ a "$2500 value, but it's only $99 IF you sign up today" & give them your credit card info. Crazy. Terry Bradshaw & Lou Holtz were great. Powell just joked about Cheney. Crowd just told CP to run for Prez. Laura Bush spoke of 9/11 & how imp't family was at that time. Ok, back to the show....

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