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Let's you and him fight



Oh, or maybe not. It's Sunday after all. Maybe we need a reprise of that night when everyone talked about favorite hymns from childhood. I still vote Mighty Fortress, For all the Saints and O Young and Fearless Prophet.

The line is open.

Indulge me on some selections from my third choice, good Wesleyan social gospel, and then resume your work:

O young and fearless Prophet Of ancient Galilee:
Thy life is still a summons To serve humanity,
To make our thoughts and actions Less prone to please the crowd,
To stand with humble courage For Truth with hearts uncowed.

Stir up in us a protest Against the greed of wealth,
While men go starved and hungry Who plead for work and health:
Whose wives and little children Cry out for lack of bread,
Who spend their years o'er-weighted Beneath a gloomy dread.

O help us stand unswerving Against war's bloody way,
Where hate and lust and falsehood Hold back Christ's holy sway
Forbid that love of country Should blind us to His call
Who lifts above the nation The brotherhood of all.

Create in us the splendor That dawns when hearts are kind,
That knows not race nor station As boundaries of the mind;
That learns to value beauty, In heart, or brain, or soul,
And longs to bind God's children Into one perfect whole.

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