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Sherwood shooting report



Here's the Sherwood Police Department release on the alleged burglar killed by a state trooper after the man entered his home:

On August 25th, 2011, at approximately 11:15 am, the Sherwood Police Department received a 911 call from Arkansas State Trooper Kenneth Cartwright in reference to a residential Burglary/Shooting that had just occurred at his residence. Trooper Cartwright was asleep in his residence after working the night shift. He was awakened by the sound of someone ringing his doorbell. When Trooper Cartwright checked the front door, there was no one there so he returned to his bedroom. Trooper Cartwright then heard a loud noise that sounded like someone kicking in the back door to his residence. Trooper Cartwright grabbed his firearm and went into the living room to find a male inside of his residence. Trooper Cartwright fired multiple rounds at the subject while he was in his living room. The subject fell to the ground in Trooper Cartwright’s residence. Trooper Cartwright called 911 and told the operator to send an ambulance and police officers to his residence. Officers and Detectives from the Sherwood Police Department arrived and secured the scene and began the investigation into the shooting.

The subject that gained entry to the residence was identified as Cleodus Castleberry, a 23 year old black male from England, Arkansas. Mr. Castleberry has been arrested several times by other local agencies for similar offenses.

More information will be released as it becomes available. The investigation is still ongoing.

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