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Questions on West Memphis 3?



Clinton School Dean Skip Rutherford reports that 900 people have asked for seats at our program Thursday night on the West Memphis 3 case.

It's at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Wally Allen Ballroom of the Statehouse Convention Center. Participants include Prosecutor Scott Ellington of Jonesboro, defense lawyers Pat Benca, Blake Hendrix and Jeff Rosenzweig, "Devil's Knot" author Mara Leveritt and Capi Peck of Arkansas Take Action, the WM3 grassroots group.

We'll have audience questions Thursday night. But if you'd like to make some suggestions here, I'll do my best to work some into the round of questioning.

BY THE WAY: Mara Leveritt's account in this week's Times is a must read. It's the fullest account yet of the legal maneuvers that led to last week's dramatic conclusion of the case.

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