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Tim Griffin's dirty politics



The Crooks and Liars website passes along information about the origin of a flyer U.S. Rep. Tim Griiffin distributed at a town hall meeting in an effort to tamp down criticism and discourage dissenters. Voter intimidation has long been a Griffin tool since his days as a political hit man for Karl Rove, working in the Bush effort to suppress votes by poor and black people in Florida in 2004.

The Orlando Sentinel has reported it believes Griffin's sheet originated with a Florida Republican congressman. Crooks and Liars comments:

Much of the handout fails even a basic logic test. Justin Rubin, MoveOn's executive director said: "It is ridiculous that Republicans think that every constituent that stands up and challenges them at a town hall is a MoveOn member. The fact of the matter is their policies are deeply unpopular with the vast majority of Americans - not just MoveOn members. If Republicans don't want to take questions from their constituents it is probably time for them to find a new line of work."

More here on the dirty tricksters. Florida congressman proud of himself.

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