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Dustin McDaniel puts WM3 call on prosecutor



  • DUSTIN MCDANIEL: Not my call.
Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, who's office rabidly pursued affirmation of capital convictions of the West Memphis Three, has now been heard from on today's plea bargain that freed them. It's Prosecutor Scott Ellington's doing, he said.

“Since the day of their original convictions, the Attorney General’s Office has been committed to defending the guilty verdicts in this case. I continue to believe that these defendants are guilty of the crimes for which they have now been twice convicted.

“My staff had been preparing to assist the elected prosecuting attorney, Scott Ellington, in the next hearing ordered by the Supreme Court, which was scheduled for December. I was informed earlier this week that the prosecutor had accepted the plea agreement proposed by the defense.

“As Attorney General, I always respect the discretion and judgment of elected prosecutors. Prosecutors know their cases better than anyone. In this case, Mr. Ellington has exercised his discretion in such a way that has led to nine murder convictions that can never be appealed.”

PS — Recently elected State Rep. Hudson Hallum of West Memphis says on Facebook the deal has caused him to lose "all faith in the justice system."

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