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Alice Stewart noted in Bachmann coverage



Alice Stewart, the former Arkansas newswoman who's handled press for Mike Huckabee and Secretary of State Mark Martin, is drawing plenty of attention for her role as spokeswoman for Michele Bachmann.

Reviews haven't been glowing. But she also has some tough assignments. Such as, defending unsavory characters. Here, in The Atlantic, she sings the praises of the Peter Waldron, an evangelical who helped Bachmann to victory in the Religious Right-dominated Iowa straw poll. He once was charged with terrorism in Uganda, where he's been aligned with so-called "Christian" political groups.

Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker posted some Twitter comments today about how the Bachmann campaign's rough handling of reporter began before Alice Stewart was caught on video giving the physical brushoff to a CNN reporter. His posts:

This behavior started in June. I saw Marcus shoulder a CNN reporter who got too close to Michele in Waterloo.

most heavy-handed thing I saw was Stewart forcing reporter 2 erase 30-sec clip of Bach on tarmac. Here's a still from it

@JimEast1 by threatening to yank credential & kick reporter off trip. Stewart told reporter Bach personally wanted reporter gone.

@benpolitico rather not say. 1 concern of Bach camp was that clip might have shown Bach calling her plane the "Barbie jet," tho it didn't.

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