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Not much. You?



Slow day. Maybe the readers can fire it up. Noted:

* REPUBLICAN DABBS DOINGS: A lawsuit filed under seal this week in Circuit Court apparently relates to an effort to limit disclosure of things Bryant Mayor Jill 'Republican' Dabbs has inserted in the investigative record of a state Ethics Commission review of her official and campaign activities. The Commission has made a preliminary finding that Dabbs violated the state ethics law in giving herself and pal City Clerk Heather 'Republican' Kizer pay raises when they took office this year without first seeking City Council approval. She's to challenge that at a public hearing Friday after a closed hearing on findings of her failure to properly report campaign finance receipts. Dabbs seems to be a mean 'un. She's apparently rounded up some scurrilous anonymous comments about her critics to put in the Ethics Commission record. They are irrelevant to the ethical matters at her public hearing (it matters not, for example, if a convicted murderer blew the whistle on Dabbs' illegal pay raise; the illegal pay raise is what matters). The suspicion is that she'll attempt to use the cover of the privileged hearing to introduce anonymous sliming of her foes. Noted: Republican Dabbs' pal Republican Kizer's hubby is now police chief of the not-so-tranquil 'burb.

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