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Gould City Council to meet tomorrow night



Earnest Nash, Gould, Arkansas
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  • NASH: Not sure if he can work with council.
The Gould City Council will meet at their regularly scheduled time, tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at the city hall. There had been some question as to whether a meeting would be held at all given the recent dust-up over some unconstitutional ordinances passed by the City Council and the subsequent pistol whipping of Mayor Earnest Nash once he refused to sign off on them. Nash identified his attacker as a relative of one his opponents on the council. The Arkansas State Police have turned over the case file to the Prosecuting Attorney in Lincoln County. The prosecutor will make a determination whether to file charges or ask for additional investigative information.

Nash told the Times last week that he did not think a City Council meeting would be productive given the current circumstances. In an interview this morning, Nash reiterated that point.

"Without a better way to put it, this is probably the second most difficult time of my life other than my father passing. I have to stomach sitting there tomorrow night through a meeting with people that urged on an attack on me. I really don’t know where I am emotionally or spiritually because these people urged on an attack upon me. And I have to sit there in a meeting with them. The citizens expect me to work with these people, but I don’t think I can work with them after everything that has happened, Nash said."

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