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What Barack could learn from Bill




Chris Cillizza takes a look at what Obama might be able to learn from another president that also turned 50 while in office, and during some trying times of his own.

“Bill Clinton faced a reelection where voters had concerns about his personal character so he made the election a referendum on his plans versus the Republicans,” said one senior Democratic political consultant granted anonymity to speak candidly. “Barack Obama faces a reelection where the majority of voters like and trust him personally but have concerns around where the country is, so once again the election will be a referendum on the choice between the two parties as opposed to a personal referendum.”

In order to win re-election, a former Clinton administration official says Obama needs to “Accomplish or at least appear to be trying to get things done, worry about the base only to the extent that you avoid a primary [and] put all your focus on independents." We'll see if that's enough.

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