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Montana governor fires up Arkansas Democrats



The Arkansas Democratic Party heard from Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer last night and, befitting a partisan gathering, he gave the opposition party hell, according to Fox 16's account. He blasted the Republican Party for standing in the way of lifting the country's debt limit.

Their plan now is just to forget about the credit worthiness of the United States of America," Schweitzer said to a crowd of more than 1,300 people at Verizon Arena at the state party's annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. "I guess next week the Republicans have got a new finance plan. They're going to a pawn shop and they're going to pawn all of our national parks."

Schweitzer also ripped the American Legislative Exchange Council, a thinly disgused lobby for the Koch family and other conservative corporate interests, which churns out cookie-cutter legislation that it sends home with compliant conservative state legislators for introduction back home. Sen. Missy Irvin, for example, is a big ALEC backer and even brought in ALEC staff for her bill to wreck health care reform in Arkansas. Schweitzer said he'd vetoed ALEC legislation repeatedly in Montana and the Republican-majority legislator had not overridden his vetoes.

Republicans, also meeting last night, were miffed, judging by an outpouring of Twitter whines during the evening, that Democrats criticized them. You've never heard of a Republican, or their shills at Fox News, criticize a Democrat have you? The whine was particularly dishonest from U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, who's running for governor or U.S. Senator in 2014 (most likely Senate). He was a paid political hatchet man for Karl Rove before running for Congress. He attacked people and suppressed Democratic votes for a living.

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