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Late news: Gays in arms; jail beating



Rummaging through my e-mail, I note a couple of things that might be worth passing along:

* EQUALITY IN THE MILITARY: CNN says the Pentagon is set to certify that the U.S. military is prepared to accept openly gay and lesbian service members, and that doing so will not harm military readiness.

According to the official, who spoke on condition of not being identified, an announcement of that certification — which is required to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy — is likely to come Friday.

* JAIL HOUSE KNOCK: The Pulaski sheriff's office reports the arrest of a jail deputy, Albert Harris, for battery in dealing with a county jail inmate, Matthew Roth (pictured below). Here's the report.

Matthew Roth
  • Matthew Roth

* DIRTY DRUGS : State officials have laughed off questions about drugs they use in executions in Arkansas (when questions about back alley provenance arose), just as they laugh off and try to obscure all parts of the grisly execution process. Oops. Feds make them turn the drugs over.

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