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Another day of the Muhammad murder trial



HEAVY SECURITY: For Abdulhakim Muhammad

Massive security surrounds the morning transfer of Abdulhakim Muhammad to the Pulaski County Courthouse for his murder trial in what he says was the politically motivated shooting of soldiers outside a Little Rock military center. Times of the transfer have changed daily, from pre-dawn darkness to an arrival before 7 a.m. this morning.

Sidewalk analysis: Muhammad did the crime, as he's said repeatedly and his attorneys have acknowledged in court. His lawyers, representing him over his objection, argue he wasn't mentally competent. But evidence so far isn't persuasive to this casual reader that Muhammad didn't know what he was doing. I figure the defense arguments about delusional behavior are aimed also at building a base to argue against the death penalty in the sentencing phase.

Jury is hearing tape of statement Muhammad gave the police today.

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