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Morning in America — the tweet update



What did we do before Twitter:

* Rupert Murdoch pied in the halls of parliament with a plate of shaving cream, after which his wife, by one account, bitchslapped the pieman, a British comedian. Other accounts say the missus merely rose to her husband's defense, but WSJ video captures her swinging. Just before the attack, the alleged pieman, Jonnie Marbles Twittered:

It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat

* Channel 4 reports the image of Jesus found on a Walmart receipt.

* Little Rock police are seeking a man with the somehow appropriate name of Mamdough Attia, who in February redeemed a $20,000 Cool Cash Arkansas Lottery ticket that authorities now believe was part of a pack of tickets stolen from a Baseline convenience store.

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