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Line is open. I loved the British Open as usual for the scenes of people bundled up against the chill, rainy wind. Delightful to think about. Close outs:

* NEWT'S IMPLOSION: Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign is $1 million in debt, about half on account of his preference for flying everywhere in private jets.

* STEPHENS MEDIA'S BAD INVESTMENT: Good segment today in "On the Media," about increasing complications and legal headaches for Righthaven, the legal outfit Little Rock-founded Stephens Media set up to sue first and ask questions later about uses of newspaper content on websites, even non-commercial blogs. Item says Stephens may have sunk $500,000 in the enterprise, not currently filing new suits and answering cross-complaints.

* FOX NATION UNDER FIRE: For a pick-me-up, I find The Guardian's comprehensive coverage of developing news of Rudolph Murdoch's sleazy enterprises is hard to beat. The infection has spread to the U.S. Also, this interview with a Murdoch flunky is good.

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