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Friday night line



The line is open. Final note:

* MORE HARD TIME: Federal Judge Bill Wilson today gave Cabot bookie George Wylie Thompson 103 months in prison for charges connected to gambling, a sham marriage and illegal firearms purchases. It's on top of a 10-year sentence in a cocaine case. The investigation of Thompson also landed a couple of North Little Rock aldermen in trouble — one for bid rigging and the other for illegal firearms sales. Thompson's venue now changes to Boston, the U.S. attorney's office said, to face a racketeering charge.

* ENTER THE NLR MAYOR: Well good for North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays. Obama can use all the help he can get. Hays says it's unthinkable that Congress would not raise the debt ceiling.

Just like mayors and city governments across the country, in North Little Rock we balance budget shortfalls through spending cuts and revenue enhancements — this shared sacrifice does not harm our ability to attract and retain better and higher paying jobs. Those inside the beltway need to take the same balanced approach.

* BOBBY PETRINO HAS PRINCIPLES: Boots offensive tackle from team and Rick says we're short of tackles. WWHDND?

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