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Can Mark Martin count to three?



The ultra-right Arkansas Watch blog lavishes some love on Secretary of State Mark Martin for opposition to creation of a Latino majority House district in Northwest Arkansas. Dogbite story, for the most part. It does have the small wrinkle that some Republicans like the idea, too.

But this is the interesting part:

Martin is confident that the minority-majority district "is not gonna happen." For one thing, he plans to vote against it. There are a lot of moving parts into what might motivate at least one of the other two to vote against it, but the bottom line is that he feels confident that this idea is going nowhere.

To be clear: What happens will have nothing to do with Mark Martin. Two Democrats constitute a majority of the state Board of Apportionment. What Gov. Mike Beebe and Dustin McDaniel say is what goes. Maybe they've favored Republican Mark Martin with their candid thinking on Latino representation in NWA and other sensitive political factors in redistricting. You think?

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