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Republicans fight for the billionaires



The fight over avoiding economic calamity by raising the debt ceiling has become surreal. Republicans believe — and apparently have some polling to support them — that there's wide support for protecting the billionaires.

A 15 percent income tax rate for billionaire hedge fund managers' income is non-negotiable? Believe it.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes and the debt ceiling and prosperity followed? Believe it and read Gene Lyons in Salon if you don't see him in the DOG.

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor believes there's no solution that includes a net increase in taxes? Believe it. Your three Mouseketeers in Congress — Womack, Crawford and Griffin — certainly do. You know, too, that any "deal" offered by Republicans is certain to be dishonest. They'll take the spending cuts then renege on imposing revenue generators.

It's time to call their hands.

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